Seed Grower Registration

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The last date of Crop Registration for {{season}} is over.

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Crop Registration for {{season}} has not started.

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It is ensured that declaration of PSP according to 1024 in ISCWM and consent of owner has been taken by the registering primary seed producer. We are abide to produce the same for verification whenever asked by the Maharastra state seed certification Agency.
Desired Crop Production Programme ({{name}})

First date of week of sowing must be greater than Bill/ Receipt / Challan dates added before and less than current date whichever is earlier.

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Packaging Size
Weight per bag in Kg NUMBER OF UNITS
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Challan Details
Bill/Receipt/Challan Date(in DD/MM/YYYY format)
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Serial No. Crop Variety Source Class Class to be produced Plot Number District Block Village Area (in acre) Remove
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As per the guideline, Farmer has to mandatorily provide land records details against each Crop/Variety/Class.